• What is the purpose of the site?
  • The goal of this page is to create a platform on which tasks with increased difficulty or unusual ones will be collected. The author of this site was irritated with riddles (sent, for example, on Facebook) like "Check if you can solve it. Only 2% of people know the correct answer!" together with the drawing of the square divided into triangles and the question: "How many triangles do you see? " (with the obvious answer - "8"). According to the administrator's opinion, these tasks, instead of developing intelligence, imagination and creative thinking, often fool the recipient, available and illusory sense of development, which, however, does not actually occur, because the task does not require any intellectual effort or this effort is negligible. The author of the platform would like everyone who uses it to be able to really think about tasks, trick him, learn something and become a better (or more nervous) person.
  • What is the main rule?
  • You should understand what is going on in a given task/problem/puzzle and enter the solution of each (usually six) parts of the task one after the other without any spaces.
  • Can I somehow separate solutions into individual parts?
  • You can only separate responses with new lines. Each answer should be on a separate line then. For the answers: "a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f" - for six parts of the task - the answer should look like:
    Do not add any (other) special characters between the individual answers.
  • How to answer the puzzles in which the answer is "yes" or "no"?
  • YES we denote with the letter "y" or with the digit "1" and NO we denote with the letter "n" or with the digit "0". The following answers are equivalent:
    However, they must not be mixed. Answer:
    will not be accepted.
  • How much time do I have to solve the task?
  • The time may vary depending on the task, but the default is 10 minutes.
  • How many correct solutions can there be for a given set in problem?
  • The puzzles are unambiguous, there is always only one correct answer.
  • Are the puzzles generated automatically (on demand) or is their pool predefined?
  • I've been wondering for a long time which approach to use, but to eliminate a faulty generator as the reason that no one solved the task or few did it, I adopted the tactic that the tasks are rigid and stored in the database. Exercise parts are randomized every time you enter it, so don't refresh the page if you don't want a new set of puzzles.
  • This means that I can refresh the page constantly, save all puzzle parts, do them easily, and then give a solution without worrying about the time limit! HA HA!
  • Do what you want. The creator of this site cares about the mental development of people solving problems, but he will not make people solving problems care about it. Oh, and sometimes I put over 10,000 examples for a given problem so good luck :)
  • The answer turned out to be incorrect. How can I check which parts of the solution were correct and which were wrong?
  • You can't
  • In my opinion some/all tasks are very difficult, they cannot be done and nobody will do them. The site sucks.
  • Thank you for your opinion, I ignore it.
  • What tools can I use to solve tasks?
  • Use what you want to reach a solution, tactic, although important, is not scored.
  • I noticed that for some tasks you can write a program that will solve this task for you. That shouldn't occur because someone who is a programmer now has more chances!
  • The author of most tasks and the administrator of this site, wants a person submitting the solution to understand a puzzle and how to solve it. If someone wrote a program for a puzzle, it means that the puzzle was understood by the programmer (it is difficult to write a program that implements the problem without understanding the problem), and therefore meets the expectations. I don't see this as a problem.
  • This task has no content. Is this how it's supposed to be?
  • There may be puzzles that have no content, and "what's up" should be understood from the given, fixed examples.
  • This task has no examples. Is this how it's supposed to be?
  • Each task has two obligatory elements: example(s) and a task consisting of several elements/sub-examples/parts. If it is different - report it.
  • Where do the quotes come from in the footers under each task?
  • They can come from everywhere (and you can also send some interesting ones), and the only condition for their placement is be liked by the site administrator. These can be texts from films, books and manuals for mechanical devices.
  • Is the opinion of platform users important?
  • Yes. I am happy with every email I receive, I am grateful for every suggestion, I will consider every idea for a puzzle and I will gladly discuss any topic. The website administrator undertakes to respond to every substantive and not vulgar message. There is a really small group of topics that I do not want to answer and are tiring me. An example of an ignored email would be: "This site sucks, nothing works, correct answers are marked as wrong, I'm going out of here!"
  • Tasks seem repetitive to me, monothematic, non-developing, just poor site
  • Most of the tasks/puzzles I invent myself and I analyze them for hours to insert them in the best form. However, if you have an idea for a better puzzle - write boldly, I will be happy to consider your idea.
  • What puzzles can I send?
  • There are basically five conditions:
    • original/unusual content of the puzzle
    • level of difficulty that allows you to dig into a puzzle or just to have fun
    • no offensive content in it (I don't accept puzzles like "Name a porn actress by a photo of her bust")
    • the ability to translate the puzzle into other languages ​​(it cannot be language specific word games or tongue twisters)
    • the ability to create at least ten examples/parts of a puzzle.
  • Will the site be translated into other languages ​​in the future?
  • Yes, but it is not easy and it may require some funds. If you want to help and you can translate some parts of the site into any language - do it, send me a translation. If you want to help and you can't translate anything into another language - use the donation option or buy an advertisement so that the administrator can order translation to professionals.
  • How can I help in the development of the site?
  • Write to me, report errors (including language mistakes), propose puzzles, translate, make a donation. I will be very grateful for everything. If you can improve the look of the page, I will gladly use it.
  • Can I get/buy a hint for a puzzle?
  • Yes, but the only type of hint I can offer and not to favor a rich people on this page and make sure everyone has equal chances, is to give you a solution for the given part/example of a certain puzzle. Make any donation with the title "Donation + email_address" and then send me a screenshot via the "contact" tab with the selected part (only one!) that you would like to know the answer to and which will allow you to understand what the puzzle is about if examples are insufficient for you. You can get a total of up to five solutions for each task/problem/puzzle. Solutions will be sent back as soon as possible after the grant is credited, but not faster than in 10 minutes (or what is the maximum time to solve a given puzzle).
  • But can I get an explanation of exactly what the puzzle is about and what the solution algorithm is?
  • No. It's your task.
  • Can I hack the server and then the database to preview the solutions?
  • If you know how to do it - you're welcome. Just leave everything in state as it was when you're done.
  • Who is the author of this site and where he comes from?
  • The author is Karol Kurek from Poland. More about him at: karolkurek.pl
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